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Solvents To Help You Get Rid Of Gum Stains

Removing gum off  things is never a fun task. Getting gum off concrete or even the bottom of one's shoes is difficult enough. Try removing it off woolen rugs or carpets and you have a daunting job on hand!
Gum and carpet fibres bond well, like life-long friends ☺, that makes breaking their connection all the more challenging! While it is tempting to pull gum off immediately, refrain from doing so as it will damage delicate fibres.
Water soluble solvents are an exciting new alternative to  help you get rid of gum and gum stains without damaging any of your carpet or upholstery. After you have scraped off as much gum as you can,take a clean cloth and sponge the stain with a solvent.
1. Use NEAT.
2. Pre-test on an inconspicuous area of dry carpet before use to check for colour transfer or bleeding. Dilute the solvent with equal parts water and test again if bleeding occurs.
3. Only apply a small amount of any solvent. Apply to a clean white towel or cloth and dab stains, working fro…
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Financial Year End tax savings encourage investment in Mechanised Cleaning before June 30 2017.

The end of Financial Year at June 30 2017 is looming as a FINAL opportunity to buy equipment below $20000 and write it off instantly instead of depreciating it. It’s a great contribution from the government towards improving the quality of cleaning, reduce costs and improve safety by small businesses with turnover below $10m pa. After that date assets over $1000 will be depreciated over the years of their useful life.

Cleaning Managers are under relentless pressure to cut costs. The biggest cost is labor, and mechanised cleaning of floor and wall surfaces is generally faster and more effective than manual cleaning. Vacuums, Sweepers and Scrubbers replace brooms, scourers and mops doing it faster, consistently, and more thoroughly. Time saved can lead to reduced operator hours, or diverted hours to other cleaning projects that often get deferred.
Mechanised cleaning also brings controlled usage of chemicals that reduce cost, and reduced chemical flows into the environment. Vacuums with…

Unique Challenges of Aged Care Cleaning

Recent incidents in the news have prompted us to write about this topic. Being a cleaning supplies provider we get to interact with a variety of cleaners for different industries and learn the unique challenges they face. An aged care facility is not only a medical care center but also an accommodation site, a food preparation and service area. Thus maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of an aged care facility can be challenging.

Aged Care facilities are bound by high cleanliness standards. The Accreditation Standards are detailed in the Quality of Care Principles 2014. There are four Standards. Each Standard consists of a principle and a number of expected outcomes. There are 44 expected outcomes across the four Standards. Residential Aged Care homes must comply with these Standards at all times.

Infection control is a primary concern with Aged Care facilities. Specifically to prevent outbreaks of novovirus gastroentritis, MRSA and VEA, which are common in the sector.
With eld…

The Importance of Hand Hygiene

As part of a major global effort to improve hand hygiene in health care, led by WHO to support health-care workers, the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands annual global campaign was launched in 2009 and is a natural extension of the WHO First Global Patient Safety Challenge: Clean Care is Safer Care work.
The Campaign aims to galvanise action at the point of care to demonstrate that hand hygiene is the entrance door for reducing health care associated infection and patient safety. It also aims to demonstrate the world's commitment to this priority area of health care.
Hand hygiene and Infection Prevention and Control more generally are key weapons in the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).
WHO’S 5 MAY 2017 Campaign Slogan,“Fight Antibiotic Resistance - It's In Your Hands”demonstrates the unity between AMR and infection efforts.
What is Hand Hygiene?
Effective Hand Hygiene is the single most important strategy in preventing health care associated infections.
Hand Hygiene Is a gene…